'White Widow' reportedly killed by USA drone strike


British Islamic State recruiter Sally Jones, the so-called "White Widow", has reportedly been killed by a drone strike in Syria.

News of her death was not made public amid fears that her 12-year-old son Jojo may also have been killed, according to The Sun.

Responding to reports of Jones' death, a spokesman for the Foreign Office said: "We do not comment on matters of national security". There have been several such claims of IS militants having been killed only for them to resurface months later.

British IS recruiter Sally-Anne Jones, dubbed the White Widow, is understood to have been killed in a USA drone strike.

She was one of the most wanted terrorists in the group.According to the media reports, she was eliminated by a drone attack while trying to escape from besieged Raqqa. She gradually became a key recruiter for ISIS and soon topped the US kill-list.

Jones also posted messages in support of IS as well as extremist comments such as: "You Christians all need beheading with a nice blunt knife and stuck on the railings at Raqqa ..."

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The wife of another immigrant to the so-called Islamic caliphate said she knew Jones and described her as "very cute". I wouldn't go into central London through June or July.

Maj. Gen. Chip Chapman, the former head of counterterrorism at the Ministry of Defense, told Press Association that under the U.N. Charter Jones's son was too young to be classified as a soldier.

"If you take out those who are high value target women it is going to have an impact at the operation level of IS".

While the United Kingdom government is refusing to comment on issues of national security, sources within the U.S. military told the Sun they were "confident" she has been killed.

"Even if he got up to really bad things, he shouldn't have been targeted", he said.