PlayStation VR is Getting a New Model, Here's What Changes


Sony announced the new PlayStation VR model through an FAQ-style post on the official PlayStation Blog. In fact, the new model is easily distinguishable from the original just from looking at the cables behind.

Sony has revealed an updated version of the PlayStation VR headset, offering HDR passthrough support, integrated headphones. and a slightly tweaked design. In addition, the headset's processor unit now supports HDR pass-through, meaning you don't need to disconnect the unit-which lies between the PS4 and your TV-to enjoy HDR-enabled content on your TV. Unlike the old PSVR which debuted a year ago, the new design does not require users to disconnect in order to view HDR content. But for in the United States, Sony has committed to keep the bundle retail prices flat. This is the second edition of the PlayStation VR, which offers an improved build quality, new design as well as the powerful camera. The company has also changed the packaging of the new model. Players who were thinking of swapping the processor unit of the old headset with that of the new one will not be able to do so though, due to different cables used between the two models. Coupled with a slimmed down connection cable, the result is a cleaner look compared to its CUH-ZVR1 predecessor.

The new PlayStation VR headset will be released on October 14 in Japan, but the date for North America is yet to be announced.

There has been a whopper of a change at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House is stepping down as PlayStation president, after almost three decades with Sony.

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According to a Digital Foundry panel at EGX, Sony is planning a next-gen PS5, while Microsoft will adopt a smartphone-style business model.

Following a 27-year long career at Sony working on the PlayStation platform, Andrew House is stepping down as the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Microsoft will instead make the latest technology available, suggesting that new hardware or graphics cards will release for the Xbox.

It appears that the display system stays the same in the CUH-ZVR2.