Amazon Echo Spot could be the company's coolest AI gadget yet


4K rental prices have come down too while more shows are being added continuously.

Amazon's new high-end streaming box is not only cheap as chips on comparison with Apple TV 4K, for example, but it's also not even a box as such. However, it is a smart hub instead of a Bluetooth speaker.

Amazon's line of Echo products have proven to be a popular choice for consumers and it all started with the original Amazon Echo.

Inter-connectivity among Echo devices with smart home groups has also been enhanced, helping Alexa pinpoint commands based on the location of the user.

The Amazon Echo Spot is what you'd get if the Echo Dot and the Echo Show had a baby. In terms of design and size, it's identical to an alarm clock.

And despite all of the updated tech inside, the Echo Plus still costs less than the first-generation Echo, selling for just $149. This offers better brightness and contrast, as long as your TV supports it. Netflix and Amazon both offer HDR content, as does iTunes for the Apple TV. It's like a funky little orb with a flat circular face and comes in white or black.

In addition, the company has revealed the gadget Echo Plus.

It will cost $35 and is a kind of retrofit for current Echo owners.

It has a 2.5in display, which usually serves for telling the time, but the Echo Spot can also be used for making hands-free calls and video calls. "With the proliferation of Echo devices, there's a chance for confusion in the marketplace: with so many devices, with varying functions and costs, which product is best served to win".

Surprise, Inc Event Reveals New Echo and More
Amazon unveils 6 new devices, including second-generation Echo for $99 and Echo Plus for $149

Forty percent more powerful than Fire TV Stick, the next generation of Amazon Fire TV works seamlessly with 4K Ultra HD or HDR compatible TVs giving you true-to-life picture quality and sound with vivid colors, 60 fps, HDR, and Dolby Atmos audio-all for just $69.99. Even though Amazon doesn't have a successful smartphone, it's trying to keep pace with distribution of Apple and Google virtual assistants in the vehicle.

The existing Echo speaker is listed as "unavailable" on Amazon which is yet another indication that a successor might be coming soon. It introduced the all-new Amazon Echo and Echo Plus, launched the Echo Spot, and told us about the upcoming Echo Connect and Echo Buttons (scroll down).

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Amazon's entry-level device was updated earlier in 2017. Some of these new devices will fail, but some will succeed. With all these competing new offerings, I suspect 30 million may be conservative.

Amazon has confirmed that it's going to hold a hardware event in Seattle later today.

Amazon has introduced a second-generation of Echo speakers today. This device connects to your home Wi-Fi network and home phone jack or VoIP adapter. The Echo Plus uses Zigbee as a low-power way to extend its wireless range and can control more than 100 smart home devices in the market via voice, without any apps required. Over 80% of smart thermostat users reported installing and setting up their connected accessories themselves. Check out our in-depth Echo tips and tricks guide to see more about the best and hidden speaker features. This can essentially be considered the "premium" version of the standard Echo, redesigned from the ground up to completely integrate with a smart home setup. Microsoft has been the historical proponent of smart-home gadgetry. This device will be priced at $129.99 from December in the US.

Support for the Dolby Atmos surround sound format is notable, as the Apple TV 4K now does not support it; although, Apple says support for Atmos will come eventually.

For one, the Amazon Fire TV is a tiny device with a HDMI cable sticking out of it. He is also VP of Strategy and Insights for the Local Search Association.

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