Honesty in casinos


Any player sooner or later will wonder about the honesty of the game, fearing that the owners of casinos or slot machine halls can manipulate the odds of winning. The online player often see the intriguing titles at the Internet "Offer the secret of the game for $ 10" or "How to cheat a slot machine?". In most cases, it is a trick for a naive amateur player.

An honesty of the slot machine gaming is controlled by a special laboratory: international (GLI, BMM, etc.) and national. Every major manufacturer of gaming equipment has these certificates. To obtain a certificate of conformity, manufacturers must submit all the necessary laboratory equipment and software. Laboratory, among other checks two main things: a random number generator and undeclared capabilities.

Random Number Generator

Experienced players from Euro Palace online casino know that initially the during the development of mathematics in the game creators make a certain percentage of return games or, in other words, the percentage of the invested money, the player will get back for a certain period of time. As a rule, the value of this index is about 90-95%. Percentage impact in European countries is established in accordance with the law and may not be lower than 75-80%.

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This does not mean that if the percentage is 90, then playing 100 games for 1 dollar, will bring you back 90 dollars. The specified percentage will be provided on a large number of games in accordance with the theory of probability and statistics.

The main key component, in this case, is the so-called Random Number Generator - RNG. As a well-known mathematician, Robert Coveyou joked: "Generation of random numbers is too important to leave it to chance".

RNG is an algorithm that generates a completely random and independent of each other numbers. When the player presses the Start button to begin the game, the random number generator produces a combination of numbers in a given range. We see this combination as rotating drums and loss of certain characters. The game program compares the resulting combination with a winning and, depending on the rules gives the points.